Affiliate Terms And Conditions


Elife2go commission rate on online store: Order from this store is 6% of the order amount. (Please note that it will exclude tax, shipping and discounts.)

The commission has no tax involved, no company involved, it’s person to person, a special gift to maintain our long term partnership. What elife2go team need is traffic, the profit is all yours!


When your account has made orders up to total 3000€, we will calculate the commission for you on your previous orders on our webstore, and generate an personal affiliate invoice to you and you will get paid. Your new orders will go to the next invoice period.
On eath 15th, elife2go will create invoice of last invoice period and send you commissions to your billing address (we use bank, paypal, payoneer and discount coupon for your next order.)


If the order is canceled, it will not generate commissions for failed orders. Only valid orders will generate commissions.


If you invite another customer to join elife2go’s web store, you will get extra 1% commission from the other customer’s order from online store.