Question: What are the daily maintenance activities of the electric scooters and how often?
Answer: Check the tires once a week, correct the battery and fix all screws.

Question: What should I avoid when riding a electric scooter?
Answer: Please avoid driving in the rain,
Slow down if the pavement isn’t smooth,
To prevent your head from hitting the door frame, elevators and other obstacles,
Don’t accelerate downhill,
Do not press the accelerator when walking,
Please avoid the obstacles,
Do not use this electric scooter to carry goods,
Do not attempt dangerous actions while driving,
Do not use in public transport,
Do not carry other people – only suitable for one person.

Question: What should I do with the battery of electric scooter?
Answer: Like all rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries are recyclable and should be recycled or disposed according to State and local guidelines. They should never be disposed in normal household waste, and never be incinerated, as they might explode. Contact your local authorities for disposal or recycling practices in your area.
This product meets and complies with all Federal regulations.
Please keep the charging temperature between 5℃ -45℃, and ride temperature between -20℃ to 60℃, and always keep the battery dry. Prohibit to put the battery into acid or alkalinity liquid.Keep away from rain and fire and heat.
Warning: Non-professionals are not allowed to intervene on the battery.

Question: When I charging the electric scooter, what should I do?
Answer: Don’t charge the electric scooter over 6 hours and don’t charge beyond 2A electric current. Please charge it every two months.
When not using for a long time, please keep the battery in a dry and cool place. Follow the instruction or the user manual will be responsible for the consequence.
When charging, please keep the vehicle in ventilation environment, and don’t exposed to sun directly or enclosed space.
When charging, please connect the battery first, then plug into the power. When the indicator shows the battery is full, please unplug it immediately.
When the indicator turns green, turn off the power, don’t connect the battery when not charging.

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