Warranty(after sales term)

Please notice that we are doing B2B, not doing B2C directly. So you can’t interpret us as directly dealing with all of your buyers.
If you agree below terms, and you don’t want to have disputes with your buyer, you can write all these terms into your own product description so that you don’t need to spend many time explaining to different buyers one by one

1. For products purchased from supplier that have quality problems during the warranty period, buyer can reach us by email, whatsapp, webpage or any type chat tool that can get in touch, buyer should provide the order number, problem description, ask end user to send photo, video and any other clue that can help our technician to solve the problem.

2. After the receipt date of the product, if there is a non-human damage performance failure, after being confirmed by the supplier’s after-sales service center, the maintenance will be handled for the user.

3. The warranty period of the whole machine and its parts is as follows:

TypeWarranty ContentPeriod
VehicleThe whole vehicle warranty service2 years
Accessoriesheadlight, rear light, charger, frame, front fork,
hand bar, scooter stem, display, tire, fender,
button, pedal, brake, kickstand, etc
6 months
Accessoriesmotor, controller, battery,3 months

4. Electric bicycles and electric scooters are large products, the products will be properly packaged for delivery. In rare cases, the products will inevitably have bumps and scratches due to express delivery. Without affecting the appearance of the product and normal riding, the slightly Scratches or scratches are not warranted as a quality issue. If the product has serious transportation damage, buyer can make a warranty application through email, whatsapp or any other means that can get in touch. After receiving the after-sales case, the information will send over to the supplier’s technician for confirmation.

5. Maintenance Guide
–After user receive package(within 14 working days after package received), if there is serious damage and cannot use or sell again after repair, supplier will do the replacement for user, supplier will bear the return & resend shipping cost.
–Small damage(within 30 days after package received) which could repair locally the supplier will ship you spare parts, supplier will offer free spare part and bear the shipping cost.
–After 1 month from package received, if the buyer requests to send parts for repair, the buyer will take the shipping cost, the spare part can be free within 1-6 months from package received.
–in supplier’s EU warehouse have keep stock of regular spare parts of the products, just in support of user’s regular maintenance. Of course all the after-sales service plan will be proceed under the condition of fully communicated with the user. With the order number provided, supplier will provide technical guide for every specific warranty cases to the buyer by document, video or picture.

6. Non-warranty terms
The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

  1. Exceed the validity period of the product warranty as mentioned above.
  2. No warranty card, order number(invoice number).
  3. Human-caused damage.
  4. Damage caused by irresistible factors (such as fire, flood, storm, lightning, earthquake, etc.)
  5. Any damage caused by the use, maintenance and adjustment not in accordance with the requirements of the “User Manual”.
  6. Disassemble or repair without permission
  7. Other failures and damages not caused by the design, manufacture, quality and other problems of the product itself.
  8. The accumulated mileage has exceeded 2000 kilometers.

7. Return condition:
Supplier understand user has return request in some unexpected case, but meanwhile supplier also hope Trade Company will do all necessary reminders in the product description to reduce the likelihood of returns.
Within 14 working days if user has request return in below cases:

  1. Order hasn’t been shipped:
    Trade Company should check with supplier first if the order is shipped or not. If the order has not been shipped yet, supplier will be able to inform the shipping team to stop shipping immediately. Trade Company’s payment to supplier for this unfilled order can automatically goes valid to next order(which means this canceled shipment can used for next order of same model).
  2. Order has been shipped out but still on the way, still not been received.
    — If the user choose to cancel the order, Trade Company should inform the user to refuse the package, and the package will return to supplier. Trade Company’s payment to supplier for this part filled order can automatically goes valid to next order, but Trade Company need to pay additional shipping fee costed on the previous failed order. (send and return, round-trip shipping costs should bear by buyer himself.)
    — If the user choose to cancel the order, Trade Company informed the user to refuse the package but user did not refuse it, supplier will not accept such return.
  3. User received the package and want a return without factory faulty reason, supplier will not accept such return.
  4. Supplier don’t accept any kinds of return from B2B partner’s buyer directly.

You can always contact us for any warranty questions at info@elife2go.com.