We currently accept Bank, PayPal and Payoneer Checkout. The Visa, MasterCard will soon to be accepted.

Please note that all orders are required to pay in full in advance as instant payment online including pre-order items. Payment will be charged in EURO. 

In order to speed up the process of ordering, you are advised to use PayPal or Payoneer to make the payment. 

If you are shipping to an address other than your billing address, additional verification may be required by our Customer Protection department. Please note that elife2go reserves the right to deny the request to ship to an address other than the billing address.

Subject to the payment method, delivery details and other factors, we may ask for proof of payment/address/identify of customer before we continue processing the order. Further identification document may be also requested for new buyer with high amount of purchase to avoid fraud issue. Should you have any questions, please contact us.