After sales policy & Return policy & shipping policy

After Sales:

1. Scooter parts are all consumables, we also have no warranty period for buyer. If there is a product quality problem within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods, you can contact and communicate with us and apply for a replacement of the goods.

Return Policy:

1. We sell all accessories at cost price to users who need parts to do maintenance. We do not support returns(because mostly parts are price lower than shipping cost, non quality return will make loss for both buyer and seller, this is a lose-lose situation). Please confirm with the seller carefully before purchasing.

2. As parts are dedicated to repairs only, of course buyers are buying parts to fix problem with their scooter.  If you bought a new part and it still doesn’t solve the problem, you should double-check that your problem maybe on other parts besides testing the new part you just received.

3. If buyer insist to make a return for non-quality problem(for example the part is no longer needed, or the real problem was misdiagnosed before and buyer purchased a wrong part), we will only refund the value of the part, will not refund the shipping freight that has been incurred.If you have questions, please communicate with us directly.

4. Do not complain on paypal without our knowledge. This will seriously damage our account reputation. If you do not agree with this, please do not buy.

5. If the buyer does not agree with the content stated by the seller above, please do not buy.

6. For questions about return and after sales, please email to:

Shipping Policy:

1. The default starting address, shipping is start from EU continentale. If there are special circumstances, it needs to be negotiated in advance.

2.  The Shipping destination countries are mainly:

Finland, Sweden; / Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania; /Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria; / United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France; / Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal.

3.  Shipping time: shiping from EU will takes 3-6 working days; shipping from China factory will takes 2 weeks.